Emergency Services Show 2014

What a fantastic time at the Emergency Services Show!

Catherine, Dawn and Graham met some great new and existing contacts on Wednesday and Thursday at the NEC Birmingham.

Take a look at our eye-catching and bright stand! You could spot us a mile off!

What did you like to hear?

  • That we manufacture our Drysuits in the UK!
  • That our factory is in Yorkshire and we have a fantastic back up service for any repairs or issues in the future.

We had the New Canyoneer 3 with us:

It was great to gauge the reaction to the New Five Ten Canyoneer 3. Mixed reactions, mainly positive across the board.

Only Positive reactions to the bright new look of the Canyoneer 3! (it is definitely eye catching)

Positive and Negative reactions to the laces:

  • Easier to do up – compared to the current Canyoneer 2 buckle
  • Easier to undo / or cut in an emergency
  • More likely to catch and become undone

Positive and Negative Reactions to the weight of the shoe:

  • Less bulky and clunky compared to Canyoneer 2
  • Less likely to get your foot stuck or wedged in rocks / cracks / holes
  • Lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Not as heavy duty looking
  • Better design so that the sole wont come away from the rest of the shoe

Only Negative reactions to the discontinued Canyoneer SAR

  • Five Ten / Adidas if you are out there …. Our UK Emergency Service personnel would like you to upgrade the SAR not discontinue it!!

The New Rescue Response Drysuit caught your attention!

  • Lightweight … overall only a couple kg
  • Still Heavy Duty Nylon lower half with reinforced kneepads
  • Proper Heavy Duty Latex Neck and Cuff seals
  • The aquaseal plastic zip was also well received, although the trusty YKK BDM zipper is always an option!

Our existing customers and the fantastic reviews of our kit!

  • It was great to see some familiar faces, who always put in a good word or two about our quality drysuits.
  • A favourite testimonial of mine from the show was Duncan Sime from Gloucestershire Fire who has had his drysuit for 7 years now and it is still going strong! With only 1 neck seal replacement needed. A real testament to our durable product and the materials that we use.
  • Great to put some faces to names as well who I (Dawn) have regularly spoken to or emailed over the past year

Favourite new kit from the show:

  • Reach and Rescue telescopic poles and the New Reach and Rescue Throwbag… keep your eyes peeled, we will be offering these alongside our Rescue Supplies soon too!

Hopefully our quality, durable, UK Manufactured drysuits will be reaching some more of you lovely people over the coming year!

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