3AAA eLED Vizion Z3 Headlamp


Looking for a headlamp that is smaller, lighter and brighter? Look no further than the UK Vizion Z3. We took our award winning Vizion I and upgraded it to over 210 lumens, added a 3rd power setting and increased the … Continued

Prijon Surf Side Cut Helmet


The Prijon Surf Helmet has a light weight ABS plastic shell with a high level of rigidity. The helmet features a shock absorbent polypropylene hardfoam interior with soft contact pads, distributing the shock energy from outside and thereby reducing it. … Continued

Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue PFD – One Size

Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue PFD

The Swift Water Rescue Jacket is a top of the range multi-purpose rescue and emergency response 80N jacket. A user friendly buoyancy aid with waist supports to provide a one size fits all design, make this jacket an easy and … Continued

Five Ten Canyoneer 3 Boots

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneer 3 Five Ten are the leading manufacturer of canyoning shoes for over twenty years. They are an ideal extreme sports and water rescue boot that provides excellent grip and support particularly in water. The Five Ten Canyoneer … Continued

Silicone Seals – Neck & Cuffs

silicone seals

Silicone Seals are the future of Drysuit neck & cuff seals. For too long latex seals have been the biggest problem in drysuit diving. You are never sure what state they are going to be in until you open your … Continued

Light Cannon eLED Waterproof Torch

Light Cannon eLED

The Light Cannon eLED delivers an even brighter illumination and maintains this brightness throughout the battery life. Key Features: A pair of water cooled high intensity LEDs delivers over 10 watts of power High color temperature gives the beam the … Continued

C8 eLED L1 N/R Waterproof Torch

c8 eled l1

UK’s C8 eLED L1 waterproof light is superior to the C4 eLED L1. Many divers would not consider going underwater without the power of its bright, long-lasting beam. Its shock absorbent bezel and tough ABS construction provide the ultimate in … Continued

Snake Sling

snake sling

The Snake Sling is a versatile piece of safety kit, which will do the job of towing sling or anchor. Made from strong tubular nylon webbing, its two sewn end loops can be joined with a karabiner to make a … Continued

Safety Tape


This 5mtr Safety Tape fits neatly in the front pocket of your PFD. Useful for many things, it can be used as a sling or short throwline. With Velcro fastening to keep it in a tidy coil. Safety Tape Features: … Continued

Pro Gloves

pro gloves

These Pro Gloves are designed for search and rescue professionals, these extremely tough gloves are reinforced with high-strength fibres for serious work in cold and wet conditions.  Pro Gloves Key Features: Materials: 2 mm Titanium neoprene, Armortex neoprene Weight: 78 … Continued

Drysuit Hanger

drysuit hanger

The Waterproof Universal Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger is an extemely useful device to help organize your gear and aid in the drying of your drysuit    

HangAir Drying System

hangair drying system

Power dry your gear with the HangAir Drying System: a system that dries your kit in hours, not days. Using a built in high power fan, the HangAir Drying System dries your suit faster, slows the development of bad odors, … Continued